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OK, so I’ve decided against even going to see the Woodner, but school starts at the end of next week so I gotta get on it. Some new, really nice options have been presented to me. My parents always talked about getting a condominium in Washington to have another property in the city. Well, I think they are serious. The idea is my sister and I would live in it, pay the rent we can afford and both parties are happy(:

Last weekend I went with them to see a condominium being built on Georgia Avenue. The place was having an open house and the guy met us in the lobby and took us around. He was friendly and informative. The building is not even done, but he took us to see some units that were finished, some that were not. They were brand new, so that was nice. On the upper levels the building had great views of the city. Some units had an area they called “loft” which wasn’t really a loft, but meant the unit had two levels-which was really nice. My dad and I liked them. My mom thought they were too small. We looked at a 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom which was around the $300’s. One had a pretty dramatic window, and the loft style. The guy mentioned all the changes about to be made on Georgia Avenue. It was odd, it was kind of a heads up, don’t worry, these rundown places will be gone very soon. It’s incredible (or heartbreaking) to see all the changes in the city, happening so dramatically- but that’s a different debate. The idea of living in a condo is pretty exciting, I have to admit.

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