A new condo- on the first floor

Ok, so I have some options.

My first stop was craigslist- I’d been checking this site for a couple of months and in the past I’ve had luck with jobs/internships through it. This apartment had an incredible price ($600). It was a new 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo near UMD. It said to call. I called and the woman sounded really nice, low-key- almost motherly. My sister and I went to see the place. The complex was ok, it had a keyed entrance, but the apartments were enclosed garden style. So if someone accidently let in a wrong person they’d literally be at my front door since the apartment was on the first floor. The apartment was great, beautiful -everything new, my own bathroom, decent closet. The woman had bought the condo as an investment and just wanted people who will take care of it. She’d furnished the living room with basic Ikea-type stuff. The kitchen was also nice and there was a washer/dryer in the unit (big plus!). The roomate is doing a PhD and she seemed easy to live with when we talked on the phone later that night. While my sister didn’t like the complex, and the fact that the unit was on the first floor, we both agreed the apartment itself was great. It’s close to Maryland and the price can’t be beat, so I filled out the application. My parents would have to back me, so the owner called after the holidays for a next apointment. My mom has been really busy, but hopefully she can see it and then we can make a final decisision.

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