A room of one’s own

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”
-Virginia Woolf

I have a vision: me, a laptop, books neatly arranged, silence and writing poetry in my first apartment in the city. The pursuit of this vision is the primary reason I’m leaving home, because for me home is really, really good; private bathroom, utilities included, meals, (maid service!), close to subway with adequate parking. I’ve been living at home since I graduated in 2005. Living at home was good, but mid-year I got a boyfriend and things got messy. Plus, now that I’m back in school, home is too comfortable and there are more distractions. I’m craving my own place, my own little library, and of course my vision. Not to mention my boyfriend will be back from Europe so my own apartment is a necessity.

My ideal apartment: Hot condo in the city, hardwood floors, high ceilings, large windows with views of Washington, all new appliances, a great neighborhood with coffee shops, clubs, and parking, aren’t dreams fun?Back to reality. My priorities are my own bathroom, close to some public transportation, good area, and new appliances. I have a car, but I don’t love to drive. A “good area” includes safe with some life to it. And new appliances would be really nice, a little spoiled but I don’t want a grungy carpet or an old fridge.

Now for location, I love living in DC so if I could find something in a cool part of the city and commute that would be great. I’ll be in school for the next year and a half so something in College Park might be more practical. I take 3 courses and I have a graduate assistantship, so I spend a lot of time at school, and there are university resources I’d like to take advantage of while I’m there. The idea of living in Maryland, for someone who was born and raised in DC is really, umm indescribable; the beltway, the predictable restaurants and stores, and it’s so far from everything. But it is more affordable and closer to school. My budget is no more than $700 a month, so in addition to contemplating Maryland, I will also need to find a roommate. My first plan of action is the UMD housing resources, craigslist and word of mouth references.

I want to be in my new place in time for the beginning of Spring Semester (:


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