No More Achoo! Getting Allergies Under Control

There are a lot of questions you could ask the ancient Egyptians about their construction of their famous pyramids. Most would probably involve geometry and physics, maybe even a side of human resources work ethic. All are sexier topics than what I’d ask them: didn’t you guys have allergies?

Seriously, I’ve been unloading boxes for close to a month and upon opening each one I brace myself—because I know what’s coming next. Add to that the dust that has surely been accumulating in the place since the old tenants moved in and we’ve got ourselves some sneezy times. And my apartment isn’t made of crumbly stone. Just wood and a few dustmites.

To combat the inevitable, upon moving in I moped and dusted and bought various cleaning products I’d never heard of, if only because they promised a spic-and-span existence. The ceiling fans were terribly dusty and held more than a few cobwebs while the ceilings themselves weren’t much better. The worst offender, however, was the red velvet couch that flatmate brought with her: she’d bought it from a friend and that friend had had cats.

The couch itself was gorgeous, red velvet, and the kind of piece that makes a room. But the traces of white hair lingering between its cushions brought me to my knees. Sometimes, literally. I took to sitting on an extra sheet, and putting a pillowcase over the matching red velvet sofa pillows. Neither worked exceedingly well.

It was then that a friend made my quality-of-life a full ten points higher: she suggested Fabreeze Allergy Reducer Spray. It was a glorious, glorious day. Skeptical as I was, I tried it, and within 3 days I was able to sit for longer than a MTV music video without sneezing. Soon I was watching episodes of the Office, of Gray’s Anatomy—completely snot free.

I know you’re thinking, yuck, I so don’t need to know that, which, I admit, is probably true. But, for those of you fellow allergy sufferers out there who find that Allegra, Claritin, and the like just aren’t cutting it, try a good old-fashioned house cleaning. And, of course, be thankful that we living in modern times where we can use Fabreeze-with-ease.

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