The Housing Virgins of Manhattan and Other Apartment Hunting Stories in the News

If you’re searching for your first apartment, you probably thought your days of homework were behind you. Wrong! More important that any book report is the research that you should do to prepare yourself for the housing search. This web site is a great place to start for basic checklists and info. Beyond, however, are a number of other great resources on the web to help you navigate your transition into domestic independence. Here’s a sampling:

Dreaming of the perfect New York City rental? Read what the other housing virgins are having to deal with in Manhattan in this article in the New York Times. And keep in mind the bottom line: even the most honest landlords and rental agents are working with you in order to put cash in their pockets. If you’re not savvy, you’re going to end up spending/losing far more money than you should. Whenever you can, enlist the help of more experienced friends in your hunt.

Above: Take full advantage of generous friends’ futons while you learn your way around. Also, stay hydrated.

Business Week is reporting how newly-minted MBAs are faring in the rental scene in Graduating to a New Crib. In a nutshell, very well, thank you! Check it out if you’re looking for decorating inspiration (even if you’re still more Craigslist than Barn!) or if you’re weighing the material benefits of getting another degree.

Check back next time for a few more city specific resources. Until then, happy hunting!

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