Surviving a Visit from Your Parents

As much as I love my family, I always get a little stressed out when they come to visit. They just don’t always, you know, get it. Case in point: my sophomore year in college. My mom was planning a visit to Boston and she asked me if it would be weird if she stayed in my dorm room instead of getting a hotel room. Um, yes. No offense.

She wised up and stayed out of the dorms (it was for her own safety!), but now that I have my own apartment, with my own pullout sofa, it’s a whole new ball game.

Above: For the love of pizza, clean up the beer pong before your parents arrive. Please note that this is not my apartment.

A few things to take into consideration for successful parental visits:

1. Make sure you discuss any potential visitors with your roommate(s), according to whatever agreement you made when you moved in. If your roommate has other plans, or isn’t comfortable hosting, your familial units may have to make other arrangements.

2. Consider your space. If you know Mom has a bad back, and all you can offer is an air mattress in the kitchen, for her own safety and comfort, she should check out the local Holiday Inn.

3. Clean up before they arrive. This one’s self explanatory.
**A note about critters: if you think the sight of a roach will shock the rents into “sponsoring” an apartmental upgrade, make sure to leave the leftovers out during the week leading up to their homestay. Conversely, if it will just freak them out and make them criticize your housekeeping habits, call the exterminator, or at least buy a new can of Raid, several days before they come.

4. If you can, clear your calendar. It will be more fun for everyone involved if you don’t other obligations to worry about- you’ll be able to relax and show your family around town.

5. Relax is actually the key word here. You’re not under your parents roof anymore, which means that you’re free to sit back and enjoy their company and conversation, adult to adult. Or whatever you kids are calling yourselves these days. In any case, have fun!

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