NYC at last

Well, it’s been an interesting summer.

In my last entry, I believe I had been rejoicing about finally finding a place that I could afford and everything was looking up. Unfortunately, the Morningside Heights/Upper West Side place fell through 24 hours before I was supposed to drive up there, so I spent my summer lamenting, and living with my grandparents in St. Louis (I took lots of small vacations).

Just this week, though, I caught a big break through friends of friends and now I’m in NYC, subletting and cat-sitting in Gramercy Park for a few weeks, until my place in Jersey City is ready.

This is kind of how it all went down: A friend’s girlfriend needed a new roommate starting October 1st in Jersey City, and for the price and the amenities (W/D in-apartment!), I immediately agreed to take the room. I was planning on just staying on a couch in Brooklyn for a month, after which I’d move to Jersey City, but then I was contacted by another friend of a friend, who needed someone to look after her cats and stay in her place in Gramercy Park. So here I am, staying in a Manhattan apartment I could normally never afford, learning the lay of the land and job-searching in the busiest city I’ve ever seen.

The move has been a whirlwind – most of my stuff is at a friend’s place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, while I’m living in Manhattan, and waiting for my room across the Hudson to open. I’m spread out, to say the least. It’s been amazing so far, though. There is so much to do and see, one can EASILY forget how small Manhattan really is (2.5 miles wide at the widest!).

At first I was nervous about putting my car up for sale and living with public transportation alone, but aside from a few snags in the system (why does MTA think that no one will need to use the L train after midnight and shuts it down?), I’ve had no problem getting around.

New York City has been amazing so far, and I can only imagine that once I find a job (soon, hopefully), I’ll be able to get really settled and live out my time here with no problem whatsoever.

I’ve actually started a photoblog about the move, so if you’d like to follow along a midwestern girl on her voyage into the big city, check it out here.


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  1. Avatar Jonelle

    wow, i’m really excited for you. i know this is an old entry since it’s 2007 now, but it’s still interesting to see how the transition is. i’ve actually just graduated from college and am trying to relocate to either nyc or dc. my heart is in nyc though…so hopefully i’ll get a job there. but anyway, it’s cool to hear about how the move was etc. good luck!