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Transforming your apartment from living space to home is nothing short of a process; good thing there are all these wonderfully inventive websites ready and waiting to help!

When looking to buy quality furnishings for less:— They stock leftover goods from high-end retailers, meaning you can get that 400 count duvet for 40 bucks. No matter what shape your math skills are in after completing that liberal arts degree, that’s 1 good deal.— Yeah, so you’re used to Amazon selling textbooks. Let them sell you everything from doorknobs to bathtubs, too.— (sale section) Girls know Anthropologie as the more adult (pronounced aaah-dult) version of Urban Outfitters. Everyone with style and a bit of extra cash should know the Anthropologie has unique furnishings that can light up any space.

Cost of Living (if you’re thinking about moving)— There are a plethora of cost-of-living calculators out there; but why not choose the paper of one of American’s most expensive cities. After all, they should know.

How to Make Stuff/For the Crafty –The place to be for sassy crafters. Not convinced? Their member tagline is, “Loves to Make Stuff, Hates Potpourri”. — For the artist and inventor in you that sees the possibility in even the most vanilla; it helps if you’re also a creator. –Infusing the web with musings on interior re-design, home rejuvenation supplies and doable ideas for those wanting to enrich their current living space. — For the environmentally conscious, treehugger supplies workable ideas to reduce, reuse, and recycle, while making kick-ass creations.

There are how-to guides and then there’s flat-out inspiration: — London’s calling with the latest home fashions from across the ocean. BTW Moco = Modern Contemporary Design.

Finally, other apartment blogs: — Divided into helpful sections, this blog is here for you when you have cockroaches or when you need to know how one organizes a moving truck. — While a little problematic to navigate, this site has short answers to most problems as well as multiple highlighted links so you can follow up with your query. — This is a new blog that has just started. It has short posts with links to all kinds of resources for renters, including a handy one recently on how to check out for bad landlords.

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