Five Six Things to Do Before You Move In

1. Document any problems with the apartment with photographs and detailed descriptions so that you have no problem getting your security deposit back when you move out. Give a copy of this list to your landlord (this may even prompt him or her to make a few more repairs!)

2. Turn on your utilities. Nobody likes a cold shower.

3. If you don’t have a bed yet, pack your sleeping bag. A couch, air mattress, or yoga mat will do the trick while you find the perfect mattress.

4. Consider renter’s insurance. If you have possessions of any value (furniture, computers, musical instruments, etc.) you should purchase renter’s insurance to protect your stuff.

5. Get some basic tools. You should have anything you might need to assemble your furniture: a hammer, a regular screwdriver, a Philip’s head screwdriver, and some scissors. These should help get you set up, and they form a good basic kit to expand later.

6. Get some basic flatware and silverware, as well as a couple of glasses or mugs. These can even be plastic, as long as it means you have something to eat off of besides your brand new floor.

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