A Few More Internet Resources

Below, as promised, are a few resources to help you navigate rental real estate in your region.

Apartmentratings.com allows you to search and provide ratings of specific buildings, in the area code or region that you’d like to live in. People dish about where they’ve lived and looked, filling you in on both fabulous and dirty landlords, neighbors, and fair rent. You can find out what others in similar buildings in the area are paying and see how the market has changed over the last few years. You can also find rental listings, roommates, moving companies, and other related services.

The Washington Post has compiled this amazing, comprehensive list of rental resources for every city that has them. From Alabama to Virginia to Romania and beyond, if there’s a site, the Washington Post found it. Also features a handy search tool for Washington, DC residents.

A few special links for New Yorkers:

Free booklets and guidelines for renting in each borough!

Advice and links from the New York City Rent Guidelines Board, put out by the New York State Government.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous

    Two more useful google mesh-ups:

    1. OnNYTurf has a mesh-up of google maps and NYC subway, very useful for finding transportation around your prospective apartment.

    2. NoFeeMaps has a mesg-up of google maps and a large database on No Fee apartments, including contact info for the rental offices.