It’s a boy!

This last weekend, I had a welcome addition to my little two bedroom apartment: my boyfriend moved in. His lease had ended and rather than sign again for another year, he decided to join me, his lady love. My apartment is also closer to his office.

Our living arrangement is a little awkward, actually, because my roommate is here until the end of August, and so my b.f.’s things are stuffed wherever we can fit them. His dresser is in the living room next to the TV, his skis propped up against the refrigerator. There’s no room in the cupboard for his Riceroni, so for now it’s in the bedroom. On the plus side, I now have a live-in back rubber, and there’s nowhere left in the apartment where he can escape.

Regardless, I’m happy he’s here. I would advise anyone thinking of bunking down with a significant other to read and carefully consider the “Boyfriend/Girlfriend as Roommate” section on this blog, because it can get ugly both financially and emotionally if things don’t last. For me, it’s a messy situation anyway, so I’m happy to welcome him into my home, to use the skis as a coat rack, for now, and to sit back and enjoy the perks.

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