The Apartment

The apartment is good and we have everything squared away. It took a little bit of craiglist searching to find the random stuff we needed. We budgeted around $200 to get a kitchen counter top table, a love seat, a couple TV’s, and a couple lamps. Now the first apartment is awesome. So far there are no complaints, we have all been cleaning up after ourselves, though I did have to set up the utilities and bills in my name, as well as cable/internet. My roommate kept forgetting.

The first thing we did when we got here was to go through the apartment and take pictures of dents, holes, and scratches. The landlord did keep his word and painted the place. He also put in new blinds. It took a couple voice mails to get his attention, but he came through.

We set the middle room up as the living room and made the front room our computer room/video game room. I took the smaller bedroom because it is offset from the front room and away from the living room. I need quiet. We still need some more flowers on our balcony. We have a good bench and a seat out there, just need some color.

I’m trying to budget as best as I can, but food is more expensive then I thought. I eat out too much, but I’d rather do this then make my own food which takes too much time. Pretty soon I’ll need to buckle down and make some dinners. I spend about $75 a week just on food, I can cut that in half if I make my own meals. Right now I’m using just over half of my monthly income to pay for everything. It is rough, but I get by. Hopefully, I’ll get a raise at work soon. Still, it’s nice to be out of the basement.

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