Something, at last.

So, after being incredibly busy with school and also trying to find someplace decent to sublet in NYC for this summer, I’ve finally made somewhat concrete plans.

A friend is moving way uptown on Manhattan, and said I could live with him for the summer. It’s a fifth-floor walkup, but I’ve been meaning to lose some weight anyway. Living so far uptown won’t really be that bad, and from the pictures I’ve seen, the place is nothing to sniff at. It’s three bedrooms with a great view of the college across the street, and five busy blocks to the nearest subway.

I can’t wait to start living in such a busy place, near lots of my friends and with so much to do!

Now all I have to do is finish up school (only three more giant projects to go!), and I’ll be ready to get all packed up and make the long drive out to a new life.

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  1. Avatar Donna

    Hello Kelly,

    Looks like you’ve had a quite an adventure trying to find a place in NY. How is it going now? Have you finally got an apt you love, and in a great location? Can’t wait to see some pictures!