Crisis Averted

So, the property manager called this morning and said I needed a cosigner. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. I was worried this might happen. The rent is 35% of my income, and my credit score is decent considering my age, so I was hoping I wouldn’t need a cosigner, but apparently, I’m a risk. :) The problem is that my parents and older siblings all have worse credit than me, and I don’t know anyone else I could ask to co-sign for me. So, I called the guy back and asked if he would accept several months rent in advance in place of a cosigner (I don’t have several months, but I figured I could deal with that once I got his answer). Well, he called me back after a few minutes and said he’d only need an additional month’s worth of security deposit, and we’d be squared away. So, I’m very relieved that I only need to scrape together another $715, and even though this messes up my budget, I suppose it will be nice to get all or most of that $1430 back when I move out. Speaking of a budget, my next task is to cover moving expenses (UHauls are expensive, and so is gas), furniture/decorating expenses, and living expenses until my paychecks kick in.

My next post will focus on furnishing and decorating for cheap, and I’ll try to share any good resources or tips that I pick up.

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