So we found a place and we’re all set to go! The place that I was really excited about ended up not working out because the other couple she showed it to wanted it. She ultimately just didn’t feel comfortable giving it to us, and that’s totally fine. I mean, I was heartbroken until this other place came up. It was only a couple blocks away, the timeframe jived with mine very well, and it looked really nice. I was really psyched to go look at it, but then Liz told me there was a chance she was going to take a job somewhere else this summer and there was no way I could afford the place myself. I panicked for a little while and tried to come up with a contingency plan, the most viable of which seemed to be moving back to Massachusetts with my folks – something I don’t want to do at all.

So I went to look at the place, and it was more gorgeous than I could imagine. It has a loft with a spiral staircase!!

It’s gorgeous, and it broke my heart to tell the girl that we were going to have to wait a couple of days, but that was what we had to do. She essentially told us that if we were staying in Philly, the place was ours.

Ultimately, Liz decided not to take the job and we grabbed this place. It’s only a block from Clark Park (our favorite part of the whole city), the trolley runs directly in front of the house, and it’s close enough to bike into the city. The place is unbelievable, if just a little on the pricey side; it’s right at the top of our range, but we decided that since it’s just for the summer we might as well splurge. The place comes totally furnished, so the only thing we have to worry about it finding places to put all my crap (like a bed, dresser, and desk), but Liz’s parents don’t live very far away at all, so I might just store it there. Then comes moving…yuck.

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  1. Avatar Lou

    Now all you need is a fireman’s pole and you’ll be living the dream. Good job finding a place. My quest starts in September when I return from the woods.