What to Get?

The getting is good. Everything we don’t have we’ll get when we figure out what exactly is missing. The list on myfirstapartment.com helps a lot. It’s a list full of products and staples that I wouldn’t think of until I actually needed to use them. But there might be other holes, too. Like, we don’t know if we have enough seating yet. However, we might have too much. It’s hard to judge the amount of space in the living room by memory. But, whatever it is we need, we decided to split everything down the middle, three ways.

Compromises are important and I hope we can reach one about the food situation. I don’t have the biggest budget for food and I think my roommates are adamant about sharing food too, but I’m worried that they’re going to shell out tons of money on expensive, elegant groceries. All I’m saying, is that–politics aside–WalMart is a hook-up on cheap food and, until my salary gets fatter, that is where I’ll shop for food.

We move in to the new place in just about three weeks and I cannot wait. Finally! I’m so close to being out of this dingy basement. I mean, look at the place, how awesome is this back porch! I haven’t been this excited in a while.

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