too good to be true.

So, the place that I mentioned in my last post has gone the way of the dodo. The people who live there and who were supposedly moving out in early May, have decided not to move at all. I guess I’m back to looking at sublets.

A friend of mine is planning on moving out of her Williamsburg place this summer, but the conditions of my being able to rent are kind of crazy. She said I could possibly share the apartment with her (it’s a one-bedroom) for two weeks in May, but that I would have to vacate for the week of her move (her boyfriend is coming in and helping her with all the packing, etc.). I would still be able to sublet for the rest of the summer, and that would be fine, but I don’t think I could find a place to live for just a week without renting a hotel room or something! I also wouldn’t want to crash at a frend’s place for that long without being an actual roommate. Renting a room for a week WITH roommates in NYC is close to what I pay for rent NOW, anyway.

I am still looking on Craigslist, and actually just found something kind of nice – a room in a three-bedroom from exactly the date I wanted to move out until August 15th (a little earlier than I was looking to end my sublet), but it’s only $633/mo, and in a pretty good location.

Maybe there’s hope after all!

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