Time is running short…

and I still haven’t found anything!

Everything I check out seems to look great at first, but then when I hear about the roommates who smoke, the moldy toilet, or the rotted-out windows, it all falls through. I just want a place where I will be comfortable; a place where I won’t feel that I don’t belong.

In other news, I still haven’t found a job–mainly because writing a cover letter with the sentiments, “Hey, I can’t come in for an interview because I live 2000 miles away, but will you hire me anyway?” doesn’t really go over so well)–so I don’t really know what my price cap on a place will be. I’ve been looking for rooms under $650, but as one might expect, it’s incredibly hard to find a nice place for that price.

I’ve got exactly one month until graduation day, and I would love to have at least found a sublet or a job by then. It’s tough work, especially with school and everything, but I’ll be able to do it.

I’ve decided that when I move out (into this place I haven’t found yet), I’ll be selling my couch set, dining-room table, coffee table and probably a couple desks. I really would love to keep my bed, but it’s a queen-size, and everyone I’ve talked to said that it’s kind of a tight fit in most NYC bedrooms. I just hope there is a trailer that’s big enough to fit my bed, but small enough that I could attach it to my car for the drive out there.

I don’t want to take much – just clothes, CDs, books, computer (hopefully I’ll get enough graduation money to buy a laptop), and my bed. Once Jackie (my future roommate) and I get a real, leased apartment that’s ours (for a year or two), I could get an all-new dresser and desk (perhaps from IKEA!).

My parents are still very apprehensive about my moving out of the Midwest, but I really want to make this happen. I can’t wait to experience really living in a big city and actually having things to do after work!

Now if only I could find a place without cracked floors….

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