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The place that I looked at on Saturday was unbelievable. Just totally amazing. It was on a phenomenal block right in the neighborhood where we want to live; the apartment itself was amazing; the price was totally right; and the girl who lives there was totally cool. I got there and helped her move her storm windows and we hit it off right away. I’m finding out more and more that it’s important with a sublet to have a good relationship with the person who you’re trying to get it from. You have to show a genuine interest and the intention of following up in order to get your foot in the door.

The awesome thing about this part of West Philly is that a lot of the houses that split up into apartments look like this:

The place has a deck, laundry, a huuuge living room, a super-nice kitchen, an extra bedroom/office-type-place, and everything else I could ask for. I immediately told the girl that we were very interested and talked to Liz right away and she agreed. The only potential problem is with my cat. Pets are allowed in the building and she doesn’t have a problem with it personally, but her nephews (who come over frequently when she’s around) and her best friend are pretty allergic. She’s hesitant to give it to us because of that, but she’s still mulling it over. I offered to make every accomodation I could, including putting covers on everything and steam-cleaning before we left. She’s showing the place to another couple and is going to get back to us. I really hope this one works out because I’m getting pretty sick of looking at this point.

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