now it’s just getting ridiculous!

Still no luck. I’m starting to wonder if it’s because I’m from out of town or something – finding a sublet cannot be this hard!

I’ve sent out countless emails, and received nothing but bad news in return.

“Hi, my name is Kelly, I’m graduating from University in St. Louis this May, and was wondering if your place was still available. If so, please write back with some details about the place and your roommates.”

“Hi Kelly. I’m Dave, and you’ll be sharing the apartment with three males. We do like to party, but on weeknights we’ll tone it down. The room is 10×7, but I can fit a full bed in there. There’s no closet, so it’s perfect for a person who doesn’t have much stuff. I’ve attached some pix of the bathroom. It’s a railroad, and your room would be the first one that everyone has to walk through. The subway is kinda far, but it’s only 45 min to Manhattan! Lemme know.”


I also get a ton of emails from places that would be PERFECT (sharing with one or two quiet girls my age, with enough space and convenience to the city) that kind of sound like this:

“Hey, Kelly. Sorry, but the $500/mo 15×12 room for rent in Hoboken has already been sublet. Good luck with your search! -Lori.”

It’s down to the wire, and it looks like I’m going to have to share a one-bed with a friend for a few months, and then hopefully I’ll be able to find a decently priced 2-bed place for my future roommate and myself.


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