No more Craigslist!

Since Craigslist can be fickle and I can be picky, I’ve decided to go a different route in searching for my dream apartment. A co-worker recommended her previous building located in Cleveland Park—love it already! She had great things to say about her place and didn’t have many problems, so I thought maybe the large apartment complex might be better for me.

I started by searching the website, which boasts pictures like a Banana Republic catalogue. Included in rent are all utilities, major bonus even though it means that the rent is higher. I like it when utilities are included because then you’re not dreading each month’s water or electric bill, hoping that you still have enough money to go shopping over the weekend. So already I like what this place has to offer. In addition to utilities included in rent, the complex also includes “exercise and fitness center complete with weight room, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and fitness classes in our aerobics room” Umm! That’s amazing. So not only are my utilities included but I also get a gym membership? Sign me up! Other amenities include: laundry room, roof top sun deck, 24 hour concierge service, and a party room in case I ever need 2,000 square feet of room to host a party.

The floor plans also look decent. I called up a leasing agent and have an appointment scheduled early next week to check out a place. Hopefully this will be the end of my search and I can finally have an apartment of my own!

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  1. Avatar CanneDC

    Craigslist is impossible to sort through and just too overwhelming. There is another site that is awesome for DC called, which is like an organized version of Craigslist and is free to post on too. They display a ton of really detailed listings on a map, so it’s easy to tell where they are and floorplans, amenities, etc. They even outlined all the neighborhoods and put a lot of information about them too, which is so convenient b/c I have my heart set on Georgetown!

  2. Avatar rb

    I’ve not had luck with rentals on craigslist either. Friends telling you of placed seems to work out well though. The floor plan looks awesome at least.