So we didn’t get the place that we really wanted. We looked at it on Tuesday, put our name in on Friday night, but the woman who advertised it didn’t get back to us for a couple days and apparently in that time someone else snagged it. Ho hum. So we sent out another round of e-mails, but since Liz is back up in New York I’m now doing this on my own. Not nearly as much fun. I had anticipated this great, “playing-real-couple” thing that would be awesome: we’d look at a few places, we’d find the perfect one, and we’d be living happily ever after–or at least until the end of the sublet. Oh, how naive I can be.

I went to visit two more places in West Philly and have one more lined up. The two places I checked out were not very good at all. One was the bottom floor (read: basement) of this apartment complex. The place was nice enough, and it was pretty big, but it was expensive and none of the utilities were included. The building didn’t really have any character, either, and that frustrated me. As graduation continues to stare me in the face, I think I may have to lower my standards a bit. The other place was in a pretty nice building in an excellent location, but it was realllly small. It was technically a one-bedroom, but it just as small as most of the studios I’ve seen. The bedroom had a queen bed in it and had room for “maybe” a dresser. Not ideal for two people. To wit, the kitchen:

Again, not ideal. I don’t think I’m going to put our names in for either of these. I have a really good feeling about the other place I have lined up, though. It’s a “pseudo-two-bedroom” (apparently one room is really small) and it’s on a gorgeous block in exactly the right place. I hope it all goes well.

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  1. Avatar kibby

    dude, are you only looking in west philly? You should scrap this whole sublet thing and go for a year lease…. you’ll have a much easier time of it. I know thats not really possible, but ummmm. Yeah, anyway. I just got a house in South Philly and it rules.