could it be?

a lead? on a real apartment?


I’ve heard things about a two bedroom place in Williamsburg where the heat is free and the lease starts in May. My friend and soon-to-be roommate Jackie has a friend who knows a guy (seriously) with a place available May 1st. I obviously wouldn’t be able to move in until the 15th (two days after graduation), but if they can hold it, it would make my move a whole lot easier than I’d planned! That way, I wouldn’t have to sublet and could rent the extra room out until Jackie is through with her European vacation (I’m so jealous…).

The catch:
This place would cost like $750 per person were we to move in there. Now, I don’t have a job in NYC yet, so this is sounding like a TON of money to me. Even if heat IS free, I don’t have $800 or more each month to just cover rent and other bills. I would have to find a job, have them guarantee me like $2k per month in order to live here, but it’s in a great neighborhood, exactly where I wanted to live, really close to Manhattan (where the jobs are) and Astoria (where a TON of my friends live).

I really wish money weren’t such an issue. In St. Louis, you could get a HOUSE for $800 per month. In NYC, it gets you half an apartment.

Well, we’ll see, I guess. Hopefully I will be seeing pictures and more incentives soon in order to give a thumbs up or down on the deal. Wish me luck!

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  1. jett

    in nyc, by law, landlords are supposed to cover heat and hot water. so, don’t worry, you should find the same kind of deal again.