Chicago Rocks

Living in the city is going to be indescribably cool. There are no fancy metaphors or analogies I can give: Chicago is awesome. My photography will pick up; my writing will get a culture boost. I cannot wait for those warm summer days when I can just walk around the neighborhood and look around. There’s always people doing this and that. I mean, people are known to do crazy things, I’ve seen’em. Then there’s the architecture! I cannot wait to walk around and look at the coolness of Chicago bricks put together ever so fine. But, right now I’m stuck on materials. Art is going to have to wait.
How to furnish my bedroom? Can I even afford to do it nicely? These are the questions I should have asked myself months ago. Then I saw an ad in the paper. Ikea! That’s the spot. I’ve heard of the store before, but I never thought I needed anything from there so I stashed it back at the bottom of my brain. I am going later this week. I heard it had everything a person could want, plus stuff you never knew you needed—capitalism at its best/worst? Regardless of the politics of Ikea–much like Wal-Mart–everything is in my price range. I rationalize shopping at these third-world exploiters by telling myself that once I get going with my career I will shop at normal neighborhood stores.

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