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I went to visit a friend this weekend who has her own place and it really encouraged me to start looking harder for a place of my own. I’m really ready to have my own place and stop just renting a room. And last night, a TWO INCH LONG CENTIPEDE was in my bathroom sink. It was so big it didn’t even fit down the drain. Yep… I’m ready to move.

<—NASTY I’ve been searching craigslist on what seems like an hourly basis. This is probably a more competitive season to find a place since summer is approaching and people move here for internships. Craigslist amazes me. It’s crazy that a place can be posted and within an hour it can already be rented.

I went to check out a place the other day in a perfect location. It was right outside of Adams Morgan and walkable to the metro. It was close enough to everything without being in the middle of everything. When it comes to areas to live, I like be central to restaurants and shopping, but I don’t want to be submersed in it. The place was a basement studio apartment with my own entrance and a recently renovated kitchen. The apartment also boasted a huge walk-in closet. So I was pretty hopeful that it would work out. When I got there, the owner led me to the basement… which only let the tiniest bit of sunlight through the single window in the place. As soon as I walked in I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I’m not a tall person (5’5), but I wear heels to work and that particular day there was probably an inch between my head and the ceiling. I happen to have a lot of tall friends and family members and I know for a fact that my 6’3 brother would not be able to stand upright in the place.

In addition to the ceiling thing, the biggest area in the place was the closet. To the owner’s credit, it was a huge closet–but the living area would fit my bed and beloved papasan chair and not much more. I left disappointed but luckily I have something set up for tomorrow. Maybe this one will work out….

<—-i love my chair

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  1. Avatar Bugcrusher

    Oh ya, like you got close enough to the beast to see if it could fit down the drain. The other day, haha. I hope the one today is cool.