This Might be the One

The apartment my roommates and I checked out on Wednesday night was great. There were two living rooms, three big bedrooms, two decks, and a big kitchen. Plus, the apartment was on the top floor and as an added bonus there was no security deposit, only a $200 dollar non-refundable move-in fee that we would split three ways.
The place has not been updated, but it looked nice. The appliances were not new, the bathroom was rank, but come on—two decks.
This apartment is definitely a keeper. It’s in the Ukrainian Village—right where I want to live. We have two more places to look at Saturday and if we don’t like those places we will get this apartment. I wouldn’t have minded just signing the lease, but my roommates are adamant about looking around.
This apartment had it all though. I don’t know what the deal is with my roommates. I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come.

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Comments (6)

  1. Avatar Anonymous

    I am preparing to move into my first Chicago apartment and wondered if anyone had any ideas where to get affordable furniture that you don’t have to put together yourself lol (like Ikea). I am living in Lakeview so any stores close by would work best. Thanks!

  2. Avatar Anonymous

    I’m not moving yet, so you have to get out of your house!!! The place looks good….I’d go there.

  3. Avatar Tom P.

    Maybe your roommates just plain don’t like you and are stalling signing the lease in hopes of finding a proper 2 bedroom pad so they can give you the boot! But this place sounds straight. Of course, I doubt its as fresh as our place a couple blocks away. haha… sucka!

  4. Avatar Shellz

    The place looks good. Will look even better with SOX posters on the walls.

    p.s. can i have my drink now? :)

  5. Avatar Anonymous

    It sounds like you really want the place. I am sorry to hear your roommates aren’t in agreement. Decks are KEY for good summer parties and hanging out.

  6. Avatar Anonymous

    I feel the pain. I have been there before. Just think of all the hardships this will be worth. The parties, the people, the PLACE!! It looks great man! This is the one. ROCK ON!