Striking Gold

We found a place. Everything we wanted, plus it’s cheap. Somewhere in the middle of seeing bogus place after bogus place (see picture), I snapped and had to talk some sense into my roommates. After the places we saw last weekend, I could tell that they were getting tired of looking around. Yet they still did not seem receptive to the place I liked, even though it was big, had two porches, was cheap, and had three decent-sized bedrooms. Their biggest gripe was that it was in an older building, which doesn’t sound like a problem to me–just an excuse to keep looking.
Timing was everything. I chilled while we did our walkthroughs. I could tell by their silence that they were not digging these places. None of the five apartments we saw on Saturday fit the bill. After we toured Chicago’s awfulness, we went to get a drink. We talked about the places we saw that day and previously. I started complaining about the whole process of getting a place. It’s not that it’s tough, but it takes time, and time is everything when you’re trying to balance work, school, social life, girlfriend. After we chatted about that awhile I mentioned the apartment I liked. After all that complaining we just did, it made sense to get that apartment. I explained that we should look at it again, which we did the next day. I showed them everything I thought was cool about the place: the original woodwork, the porches, and whatnot. I also tried to tell them a little about the neighborhood and the apartment’s proximity to everything cool in the Ukrainian Village. That was a good sell. Once I talked about the location it was over. We signed the lease on the spot and move in May 1st.

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