It’s a start…

Hello, all.

So, my name happens to be Kelly, and I happen to be looking for an apartment in New York City – while living halfway across the country in St. Louis.

I’m graduating from University one month after my 21st birthday, and two weeks after my lease is up. I need to find a place ASAP, so as to avoid living with my dad (and in the Midwest) for longer than I have to.

As if my situation weren’t complicated enough, the girl whom I’ll be living with in NYC isn’t going to be able to move in with me until around September; she gets to go to Europe for a month and a half, while I get to live vicariously through her – and look for an apartment for us to share.

Caught up yet? If you are, you’ve probably noticed that really, I’m looking for two apartments: one to sublet for myself this summer, and another to share with my future roommate when she gets back.


I have a few leads on summer sublets, but nothing that seems to be solid. It seems like everyone is looking for too much money for too short a time. I have a friend in NYC who is going to be vacating her place sometime this summer, but she doesn’t know if she’ll be leaving in May or in July, and probably won’t know for some time now, so I’m not really able to totally count on that.

Anyway, Craigslist has had the most listings so far, and the most affordable.

The Village Voice and NY Times classifieds have been okay, too, but the rentals are usually WAY more than I can afford and I can’t commit to a really long lease without my roommate back in the states.

It’s going to be incredibly tough trying to find an apartment halfway across the country while trying to finish school and working three jobs (yep), but I’m really excited for it to all work out.


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