Future Roomie Arguments

Well, they say that you learn something new each day, and “they” are right. Our lesson for today was this: no matter how much you love a person, and no matter how well you normally get along, searching for housing will lead to arguments galore.

We love each other; we really do. But when it comes to agreeing about amenities, deciding on a location, and even determining furniture arrangements, arguments ensue. We are such different people – a fact that usually strengthens our bond – that we find ourselves becoming all too passionate about things that really don’t matter… such as whether to buy real plants or fake ones.

The apartment hunt is coming along, but although we have ruled out many a complex, we are still far from making a decision. We’ve consigned our options to mid-town apartments, which are far less costly than downtown complexes. Plus, the air is probably cleaner and the water tastes better. At this point, I think that I would like to get out of Houston altogether – maybe go looking in Spring or even as far as Huntsville – but I know that Steve would really prefer to stay within the city limits.


My girl is right, I do want to stay in Houston. I like being close to as many coffee shops and book stores as possible, and traffic is much easier to avoid when you already live in the thick of it. My parents live in Katy, which has a great school district and the legendary Katy Mills Mall, but I like the idea of living close to downtown. I never have before, so it will be a new experience for everyone.

We looked at an apartment yesterday that was absolutely apalling. I’m a pretty laid-back guy, and there isn’t much that bothers me, but it really was disgusting. There were blood stains on the carpet and the entire area smelled faintly of rotten eggs. Plus, there were places in the floor where we were sure we’d sink into the lower-level apartments. How do people get tenants in these places?

Tomorrow, we’re looking at a place called Woodland Heights. It has washer-dryer hookups for Laura and a unique floorplan for me; plus, it has a den where we can set up our office stuff. Its 1,164 square feet, which is a great luxury compared with others we have seen, and they have a few first-floor apartments available. Yay for not having to cart sectional couches up three flights of stairs!

Wish us luck….


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    We moved to Houston 4 months ago. We are living in North Houston- Willowbrook area, on Cypresswood Drive. There are some new apartment complexes. Come and see. Try not to choose a townhome with a garage of someone else under your master bedroom!!!