frustration already

Can someone please tell me what a “railroad style” apartment is, and why some of them are “semi-private”?

I guess maybe i’ve been spoiled living in the smallest big city in America, with the lowest housing costs, but why is it that a person should have to pay one thousand (1000) US Dollars to live in a small apartment with at least one other person? I know NYC is expensive for good reason (there’s actually stuff to DO there), but I don’t know how my friends who live there do it.

Perhaps you can already tell that I’m having a bit of difficulty finding a suitable sublet. It seems that the strangest people want to rent out their living rooms for $200/week or want $100/night to rent their 9×10 bedroom for a week and a half.

Anything that IS within my price range (I figure around $600/mo) is an hour’s commute to Manhattan, comes with three drug-addled roommates (“420 friendly. hhehehehe.”), or sounds really creepy (“37 yr. old male, seeks young female to share room in large apt.”).

I’m pretty much freaking out about not being able to afford a decent place and taking a bad deal that I’ll be unhappy with.

Also: I just got in touch with a former resident assistant from my university who moved out to Los Angeles after he graduated. He said he paid two thousand (2000) dollars just to move his things out to the coast. Now, I may have three jobs, but I most certainly do NOT have two thousand dollars, much less two thousand dollars saved away specifically for moving costs. He reminded me that he moved a whole apartment full of stuff from the midwest to LA, and I’ll only have a bed, maybe a dresser and a desk to move to NYC (closer than LA), so maybe it’ll be cheaper, but I’m still worried.

For now, I’m trying to calm down, and keep my friends in NYC on the lookout for any rumors of a nice place that may not be on the Web yet.

I also need to figure out why people post “$550/mo” on the Craigslist headlines and then say in the body that “this is a weekly sublet.”


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