Beginning the Hunt in Houston, TX

It never ceases to amaze Steve and I just how many apartments there are in Houston, TX! Since we both work from home, we aren’t concerned about finding a complex near our places of business, which should help us, but actually just broadens our search. The process is further complicated by the fact that we both want different amenities – some of which contradict each other – so we’re trying to compromise before we actually visit apartments so that we don’t waste anyone’s time.

Steve and I have been dating for more than two years, and we hope to get married and start a family within the next couple of years. We want to start out in an apartment because neither of us want to deal with the property taxes and the maintenance that come with owning an actual house. We considered townhomes and condominiums, but we really just want to rent, which is what led us to the apartment hunt.

We’ll be looking for an apartment close to downtown, though midtown will probably fit more into our price range. We want a two-bedroom so that I can convert one into my office, which will be an amazing asset. Right now, I work from the study in my mother’s house, and people are constantly popping in to ask questions and to “chat.”

What I would really like is a large bathroom with a big bathtub and although I know we aren’t going to find a jacuzzi tub or anything fancy like that, I know that there are apartments with larger-than-normal tubs. We’ll see how it goes. Steve insists that there be a pond nearby because he loves to fish, and a washer and dryer in the apartment. We both want a complex that has a work-out room and a swimming pool because, since our jobs keep us indoors most of the day, we need an outlet to burn off extra energy.

The real challenge in Houston is finding an apartment that is in a nice part of town, but that isn’t near a major road. Size is also a problem – many of the nicer apartments are less than 800 square feet, which is simply too small. Luckily, however, the price is always right. For a 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment, we won’t be paying more than $800 per month. Thank goodness!

So far, we’ve only viewed apartments on the Internet. We’ve found that and are the most informative, especially for the properties that provide pictures of each apartment. Of course, a picture is only a picture; I can’t wait to start touring apartments!

Anyway, I’ve got to get to work and when Steve gets home from his consulting job today, we’re going to start mapping out exactly which amenities will suit us both. Wish us luck!


Laura & Steve

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  1. Avatar Anonymous

    im looking for an apt. in houston too. im haveing trouble finding one on the 1st floor tho. all the people from la. are still in h-town. good luck!