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My brother lived at home until he was 26. While home offers many of the creature comforts that so many of us crave, personally I can’t help but feel dirty mooching off Mom and Dad for a long time, and I’m determined to step out of the shadow of my dependent brother. Besides, they live out in the middle of the woods where it’s really boring, and I’m pretty sure the Blair Witch lives behind their house somewhere. It’s also really annoying to have to drive everywhere. Even if I could easily walk, I always feel obliged to drive because it’s the suburbs and that’s what you do.

I came to Philadelphia a little less than four years ago to start school, and now graduation is staring me in the face and the ‘rents aren’t going to pay my way anymore. I do live in an off-campus house now, which is pretty big (for a city) and cheap, but it’s only convenient because the campus is right across the street. However, it’s a twenty-minute subway ride into the city, so I decided that it was time to get into one of the cool parts of the city.

I figured out who I was going to move with (my girlfriend), where would be ideal for us, how much we were willing to spend, and what kind of place we wanted to be in. Philadelphia offers a lot of different environments and locales, some of which I’ll get into a bit later on. But for now, the search begins and continues…

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Comments (3)

  1. Avatar Anonymous

    wow that picture actually makes me want to move to north philly…

    – kaylin

  2. Avatar Adam McGrath

    I’ve had a bunch of friends live in Manayunk, so let me know if you have any questions/need any tips about that part of the city. It’s cool even if you can’t rock the yuppy/Main St. scene. Definitely affordable too.

  3. Avatar Emily

    I know what you mean, about the driving in the sub-urbs thing. My friend Becca lives literally around the corner from me, but I always seem to drive to her house. But when I lived in Boston I would walk 10 fold that distance no problem.