The Crazy Spaces That People Rent Out

Talk About Renting a Hole in the Wall

Did anyone see this in the NY Times last weekend? It’s about people who advertised for rent, at $35 a month, a suspended mattress in their loft. The amazing thing is they got 12 replies. The article also talks about other crazy places people are willing to rent, like a corner of a room separated by a shower curtain.

I know a guy that rents out a bedroom while his roommate sleeps in a tent in the living room. The roommate is a struggling actress who rents out the bedroom in order to save money. I suppose she finds some privacy in sleeping in the tent and that’s why she does that instead of sleeping on the couch. I really don’t know.

I am constantly amazed at the corners people cut in order to live in NYC.

Photo credit: Chang W. Lee, New York Times

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Comments (4)

  1. Avatar Tedah

    For $35 a month you could do worse. If there was a safe way to get up there and it would support me I’d do it :D

  2. Avatar Anonymous

    A guy we knew lived in a walk-in closet for two years–$350 a month! It worked all right, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t bring any ladies home…

  3. Avatar Anonymous

    That is crazy.. I live in Mississippi and that is not like anything I have ever heard but I guess whatever works, well it works