Romance in the Air?

Planning a romantic evening at home this Valentine’s Day? If you’ve got roommate this could get pretty tricky. You don’t want your dinner for two turning into a group event.

You should probably ask ahead of time to make sure that your roomie(s) has other plans or won’t be at home. If they’re going to be at home, you may want to run your plans by them to make sure they don’t care. If they’re just going to be sitting there, loudly watching the Gilmore Girls, you might be better off taking your date out for the night.

When it comes to dates and significant others spending time in your place, it might be smart to set up some rules or guidelines. You can even put them into your roommate agreement at the start of the arrangement.

Here’s hoping you get lucky this V day (even if that just means scoring the whole place to yourself for a night)!

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