$1000 Rent Around the Country

Living in NYC I have resigned myself to paying high rents on small places, so $1000 doesn’t sound like that much to me. But what could such an amount of money get you all over the US? Let’s find out!

In Minneapolis you can get a fancy townhouse (even the two bedroom isn’t much more than $1000) with up to 800 square feet of space.

In San Antonio a nice 2 br would not be out of the question.

Thinking of moving to Portland, Oregon? $1000 seems to easily get a 1br in a high rise building that is about 700 square feet.

In the hip area of Kansas City, known as The Plaza, there is actually a 3br house for rent for the price. (This kind of research is depressing, especially when I’m doing so from the comfort of my 1br hovel, that has no marble in it at all.)

I’d put up a New York example, but if you want to live in Manhattan, all $1000 is going to get you is a room in someone else’s place. Unless you happen to have grandparents who have a great rent controlled place that they’ve hung onto for years, and if that’s the case, you don’t need any help (and I probably hate you already).

Happy hunting!

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  1. Avatar Amy

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. This one on the $1000 dollar apt. was an eye-opener. Where I live you could get any apartment in the city completely furnished for that price. I guess we really do have a low cost of living.