Which home gift are you dreaming of?

Moving around the holidays can be a pain. It’s cold (well, most places it’s cold), you’re stressed out, everything is operating on holiday hours and money is already tight.

There are a few perks though. First of all, fewer people move at this time of year so some real deals can be found. Secondly, you can take the gift giving season as an opportunity to get some great stuff for your new place. It’s better than a housewarming party where you get some plants and other small stuff, because people (friends, your family members) are giving you presents anyway, so you can try to get some of the biggies taken care of.

I once got a custom made dresser as a housewarming/holiday present. My old roommate got a kitchen table. Easier to carry presents, such as gift cards to Target, Crate and Barrel, and Bed Bath and Beyond are always great if you’re traveling!

What’s on your wishlist? Or, if you’re already in your apartment, what were some of the best gifts that you’ve gotten?

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