You, Too, Can Be Handy

You, Too, Can Be HandyToilet Overflows

In this always-pleasant scenario, grab a plunger and place the rubber cup tightly around the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl and commence pumping. Lift the plunger to see if the water is running out. Pump a few more times. Pour a bucketful of water and see if it runs down. If the water stays, keep on pumping, making sure that the plunger is placed tightly around the hole. If the plunger does not do the trick, notify your super or landlord-you may need to get someone to unclog the damn thing it with a long metal tool called a “snake.”

If the toilet overflows from the tank, reach behind the bowl and turn off the water leading to the tank, then remove the cover and move the ball inside the tank. The excess water may now drain off. If it does not, contact the building super or your landlord.

Unclog the Sink/Bathtub Drain

Start by pulling up the drain stopper, removing the hair and other debris stuck to it. Pull up any gunk you see in the drain. Run the water again to see if the problem was fixed. If not, try to use the plunger. If that fails, get some chemical drain opener (Drano or Liquid Plumber are two brands.) Follow the instructions to the letter. That stuff is very caustic and should be handled with great care, but it will dissolve many clogs.

Hang a Picture

Use a picture hanger (these can be found at any hardware store or a home store like Bed Bath and Beyond). It will make a smaller hole in the wall and guide the nail in an angle for a stronger hold.

Hold the picture up against the wall and mark the wall with pencil at the top of the picture frame. Place a small piece of tape on the wall below the pencil mark. This will keep your wall from cracking when you gently hammer in the nail. Hang the picture on the hook and straighten it. If your picture is large or heavy, you may need two picture hooks. Measure and place them carefully so that they are level.

TIP: Picture hangers are sold by the amount of weight that they can hold.

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