How to break-up with a roommate

“You know, he looked really good on paper, but there just wasn’t any chemistry.” How many times have you heard that about a romantic relationship? Well, the same can be said of roommates. Sure, you’re not making out with them (though it’s New York, so who knows), but there’s just something about them that doesn’t mesh. Even if they’re a good person and respectful roommate, there’s just something so annoying that you cannot imagine being under the same roof with them for one more year. 12 months. 365 days.


Well, it happens and instead of becoming passive aggressive and then be stuck with them, sometimes it’s best just to break up. How to do it? Well, definitely don’t draw it out any longer than it has to be. One of my coworkers just had to break up with her roommate and her advice was to do it as soon as possible before you move (within reason. IE don’t break-up with your roommate in June if you’re moving in October). My coworker, however, waited. She felt real bad about it – and it’s certainly a sensitive subject. They had originally met on craigslist and she liked the girl well enough, but . . .the girl also drove her batty. So, she waited . . .and she waited. They looked at a apartments together and she didn’t say anything and . . .waited. Finally, though, she couldn’t wait any longer as her lease was up in a couple weeks and told her roommate that she ‘wanted to live in a different part of New York’. It was kind of true, but more like a sensitive way to not hurt her roommates’ feelings. And a way to keep her in her life outside of the apartment.

She didn’t tell me how the roommate reacted, but she did say that they’re still friends – which I consider an impressive feat.

Whether there’s someone from college who wants to live with you that you have mixed feelings about or someone you meet off craiglist, don’t feel bad about following your gut instinct. Just remember that signing a lease, unlike saying I love you (sorry, I’m a cynic, what can I say), lasts for a whole year!

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